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Roswell Computer Warehouse - Dell Refurbished Laptops and Computers

Quality Used Discount Laptops & Computer Repairs

Our Roswell, Atlanta computer service has been providing quality used laptop computers for under $200.00 since 2001 and has sold many laptops to Georgia consumers and businesses. We are dedicated to providing quality refurbished laptop and notebook computers at discount prices along with the highest level of service and quality. We stock the most reliable business grade laptops and computers from Dell. Every laptop we ship or deliver from our facility is tested by our on-site technical staff and is backed by our 6-month warranty and technical support. Cheap laptops can be purchased anywhere, but a laptop or computer purchased or repaired at our Warehouse carries our reputation and commitment for top-notch customer service and satisfaction. CLICK HERE for detailed information on our mobile-onsite Computer Repair Services

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Dell Refurbished Laptops from Roswell Laptop Warehouse are a Great Bargain!

Our Laptops are refurbished the same care that houses are renovated and cars are re-designed. While revamped houses and cars will give you pleasure, a refurbished laptop means a great bargain! It helps buyers save as much as 60% over the cost of a new laptop.

Our cheap priced used laptops have been refurbished by the manufacturer or our qualified technicians, where they go through a rigorous inspection. Then, in order to certify the machine and make it look like it's best, it is put through a course of refurbishment. This process of refurbishment differs for each manufacturer. However, certain basic steps include a thorough assessment of the hardware components, and systematic and performance tests, followed by a cleanup. Finally, before sale to a Ben Hillcustomer, damages like scratches or cuts are repaired.

Refurbished laptops are popular because they offer a good value for money. For a very small amount, which can start under $200.00, one can buy a good laptop with many useful features. However, there is always a minute risk while purchasing these refurbished laptops. This problem can still be tackled by doing careful research. Limitation in case of choices is another shortcoming faced. However, when purchased from our Laptop online store, a refurbished laptop will be one of your best buys.

Dell Latitude laptops is the most reputable brand of refurbished laptops with good memory storage capacity and the latest features. In addition to this, we offer Roswell customers a 6 month warranty period. We do not sell refurbished models unless high standards are met. Therefore, refurbished laptops are a good option when purchased from our Laptop Repair and Service facility.

A Guide to Refurbished Laptops

Computing freedom, independence, and mobility donít have to come with a hefty price tag.

Manufacturers refurbish laptop computers that have been returned. The laptop might have a scratched screen or other minor blemish. In some cases, the laptop was an unwanted gift or its packaging was dented. The laptop is inspected by the manufacturer, tested for quality, and repackaged for sale at a much lower price.

While many new laptops can cost thousands of dollars, most refurbished laptop computers usually cost less than a couple of grand, and often less than $500. In most cases, they are as good as new and have a very low return rate. They even come with guarantees and warranties, just as you would expect with a new model.

A refurbished laptop can satisfy most peopleís basic computing needs, such as word processing, running software, reading e-mail, creating spreadsheets, playing CDs, surfing the Internet, and more. Laptops allow access to all these features from anywhere.

Computer prices are affected by type of processor, operating system, modem, and network card; size of the hard drive and RAM (Random Access Memory); and whether there is a CD/DVD-ROM/RW, a video card, a sound card, and zip drive. Prices are also affected by screen size and type of chassis.

The price will be affected by all these specifications, along with how well preserved the chassis is, the name of the manufacturer, and whether you acquire the laptop form the factory or through a private dealer. Private dealers charge less, but beware: not all dealers are up to par with their refurbishing skills. Be sure to go to one that is reputable and experienced.

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